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Next-level gaming analytics

Build better games seamlessly through powerful analysis, testing and messaging capabilities.

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Analytics and Experimentation

Better games require better insights

With DataPlayer, you have access to full-fledged analytics and experimentation tools to bolster your knowledge of your users, and gather insights you can take to game studios and publishers.

Calculating Lifetime Value

Uncover player insights at scale

Work out and accurately forecast the lifetime value of your players by extracting granular information on specific users, allowing you to invest in those that yield the most value.

Reducing Churn Rate

Keep them coming back for more

By looking at how players behave in-game or where they have dropped off, you can identify their pain-points and optimize your game design to reduce the churn rate.

As we grow our business globally, it is crucial for us to create products that resonate with our users. DataPlayer enables us to improve our mobile gaming applications at scale, allowing our teams to uncover data-driven insights to keep our users coming back for more."

Michael, CEO & Founder
Increasing In-Game Revenue

Understand and manage revenue streams with ease

From advertisements to in-game purchases, DataPlayer allows you to keep track of the different revenue streams within your game, expand on the areas that perform the best and avoid the obstacles that might hinder your growth.

Optimizing Game Design

Designing a game that makes sense

With DataFinder, we could analyze and verify our current product strategy. The platform also allowed us to significantly improve our operational efficiency