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Understand your customers better

Make data-driven decisions with industry-leading analytics, A/B testing and messaging capabilities.

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Event Analysis

Identify patterns in user behavior

Discover in detail how your users interact with your offerings to improve their experience and lead them to take action.

Cohort Analysis

Extract key insights from user groups

Identify and analyze users in groups based on their behaviors or actions, and compare them against one another to determine the key drivers of retention, conversion and more.

With DataFinder, we could analyze and verify our current product strategy. The platform also allowed us to significantly improve our operational efficiency"

Julian, Product Manager.
Funnel Analysis

Craft a frictionless user journey

With DataRangers' Multi-Path Funnels, you can easily visualize the steps your users take to complete a task, allowing you to pinpoint areas that cause drop-offs and customize them to aid in conversion.

Retention Analysis

Get users to stick around

Break product features down to find out the reasons that contribute to user retention, and the factors that ensure they would return.