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Event Analysis
Gather deeper insights at unrivalled speeds

The currency of your information is key to staying ahead of the competition. DataRangers allows you to turn your data into in-depth, customized insights at an unmatched pace, with query speeds 10x faster than anything out there, even for the largest of data sets.

A/B Testing
Make impactful decisions with intelligent testing

Pave the way for better products and campaigns by making data-led decisions with DataRanger's intelligent A/B testing function. Select from an array of trusted features to enhance testing, such as targeted messaging and personalization.

User engagementMarketing Automation
Highly customizable audience engagement

Keep your users engaged with customizable push notifications and automated marketing campaigns. By sending the right message, via the right channels, you can reach your target audience and leverage insights based on their user behavior.

The best of analytics and A/B testing in one place.

DataRangers features tools that speak to one another. By bridging the gap between modern analytics and advanced A/B testing tools, you can leverage key insights from your users and their experiences to constantly improve your offerings.

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Faster Data Processing Speeds Than Google Analytics

All you need in a consolidated data platform.

From deep user behavior analytics to A/B testing and messaging, DataFinder allows you to easily discover and extract important data from your users, equipping you with the tools you need for growth.

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Experiment both on the server-side and the client-side with our scalable experimental infrastructure, targeted feature flags, industry-leading testing tools, and AI-powered personalization capabilities.

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Build better games through powerful analytics, testing and messaging capabilities. DataPlayer provides gaming companies with an all-in-one solution for intelligent game design.

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The biggest brands around the world are expanding their business with us.

Using DataFinder's funnel analysis, Toutiao identified key friction points in the sign-up process of its users. With over 500 million monthly active users, they were able to test and roll out improvements to its sign-up process with DataTester at scale.
Increase in sign-up conversion
Metric Improvement

TikTok utilized DataTester to experiment with messaging tools and push notifications to improve viewership. By sending out personalized messages about upcoming events to users who interacted with similar content, they were able to increase overall viewership.
Increase in sign-up conversion
Metric Improvement

With over 200 million monthly active users, changes in Helo’s UI can lead to a big shift in its user activity. With DataTester, they experimented with different dynamic variations of their "Share" button, leading to an increase in shared content with the platform.
Increase in content sharing
Metric Improvement